Visit one of the buildings in the INSTRATA Lifestyle Residences collection, and you will immediately marvel at all the thoughtful touches and precise attention to detail. This level of care, which defines each step of our approach, is valued by our residents who are proud to call our apartments, their home!

Perfectly located in the heart of the most desirable neighborhoods, INSTRATA Lifestyle Residences are the epicenter of Manhattan and Brooklyn’s most sought after urban environments. Our central environments provide our residents effortless access to transportation, fine dining, shopping, entertainment, and a tailored lifestyle.

High design, High experience is our inspiration. Every INSTRATA Lifestyle Residences display the most stunning, feature-rich homes, surrounded by convenience, refined elegance, and impeccable finishes.

Love to entertain or enjoy quiet comforts and relaxation — Our residences offer both! Crafted hotel style amenities within all of the INSTRATA Lifestyle Residences enrich the resident experience of live, work, and play.



What makes an apartment a home? Home is synonymous with care. Residents of INSTRATA Lifestyle communities feel cared for because of our attention to detail. INSTRATA’s many hotel-style amenities reflect a core philosophy of hospitality. For you and your guests, our residences can be both social hubs of activity and cozy respites.

The high-end features and stunning finishes tell your story. A thoughtfully designed home communicates refined elegance and ease; conveniences, even indulgences, feel a seamless part of your chosen lifestyle. You know you are home because you feel at home.

Whether your ideal neighborhood is… a carefully cultivated cultural dive, a creative mash-up, or 24/7 nightlife redefined, your perfect match can be found in the INSTRATA Lifestyle Residences collection. Our communities represent the most exciting and vital neighborhoods in the tri-state area. All have easy access to transportation, fine dining, groceries, and entertainment. Finding the right neighborhood for you is the first step. We purposely create our residences to embody the energy and aspirations unique to each neighborhood.

We understand that “home” doesn’t begin and end with the front door.

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